Two CSP students standing in front of the Mundo Chicano/Latino Theme Hall

Your Home Away from Home

The move to college is a big one and leaving home can feel intimidating. But not when you move to MUNDO, one of UCR Housing's Theme Living-Learning Communities for Chicanx/Latinx Highlanders. Surround yourself with fun people who share similar academic, cultural, and social goals. Let MUNDO be your home away from home.


Comunidad y Familia

MUNDO is our Chicano/Latino theme hall located within the Pentland Hills residence hall. MUNDO was established in 2003 by students who wanted to help their Chicano/Latino peers transition smoothly to college life. Today it maintains that same supportive spirit and family-oriented atmosphere.

In conjunction with the goals of Chicano Student Programs, MUNDO seeks to expand students’ academic success, educate students about Chicano/Latino culture and build a sense of comunidad and familia amongst La Raza.

MUNDO helps provide students with a structured academic support system through its tutoring nights and study sessions. It fosters cultural and self-awareness through activities such as Dia de los Muertos and Las Posadas events during the holidays and provides those little touches, such as bilingual signage, that make it such a comfortable, welcoming space.

The MUNDO experience also cultivates strong emotional bonds amongst peers. If you live in MUNDO, you will find a UCR familia very excited to meet you.


The Suite Life

Pentland Hills is a suite-style housing arrangement consisting of six to eight suites per building. Each suite has four double-occupancy rooms, two toilet rooms, two shower rooms, and a living room with a microwave and a refrigerator. Pentland Hills is home to approximately 1,230 residents. All MUNDO rooms are same-gender.


Move to Mundo 

If you are interested in living in MUNDO, please visit the UCR Housing website for more information.