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We Are Committed to Your Success

Chicano Student Programs is committed to supporting the success of Chicano/Latino students at UCR. Find great academic support with our Chicano Link Mentor Program and Textbook Lending Library. Learn about our rich culture at events such as Noche Cultural and Semana de la Mujer. Get involved with Raza issues by joining a student group or participating in one of our outreach programs. We invite you to explore, benefit from and be a part of our many valuable programs and services.



  • Chicano Link Peer Mentor Program
  • Community Outreach

    Chicano Student Programs coordinates two annual conferences that give potential students a chance to obtain information regarding their higher education. The first is Community College Day, an annual one-day, winter quarter event that attracts hundreds of potential transfer students from community colleges throughout Southern California. The second is the Chicano/Latino Youth Conference, a one-day conference for local high school students who participate in workshops, listen to inspiring guest speakers, and learn more about their options for higher education and beyond.

    Students and staff are also encouraged to get involved in various community outreach opportunities including giving motivational presentations at local schools, hosting campus visitations and tours, and participating in multiple service-learning events coordinated by student organizations, community centers and public agencies.

    Please see our Outreach page for more detailed information on our community outreach opportunities.

  • Radio Aztlan on KUCR 88.3 FM

    Radio Aztlan is KUCR’s award-winning Chicano/Latino alternative radio program. Programming highlights news, interviews, and both traditional and contemporary música Chicana. The program is designed to preserve, educate, and entertain. Students interested in communications get a unique opportunity to learn at Radio Aztlan. By researching and promoting issues close to the Chicano/Latino community, their sense of social responsibility grows. Radio Aztlan also hosts a music festival each year.

  • Student Organizations

    Chicano Student Programs is home to some of the most vibrant and active student organizations at UCR. Each one offers unique networking benefits, special events, leadership opportunities, and community and campus service-learning projects. Please see our Student Organizations page for more information.

  • UCR Chicano Alumni Association

    This network of UCR alumni and working professionals stays connected to UCR is by sharing their career experiences with interested students as a way of supporting growth.

    Alumni also stay connected with one another through the organization’s communications, events, and reunions.

    In addition to giving their valued time, alumni also provide Chicano Student Programs with essential contributions that help keep our vital programs and services going strong.

    Connect with the UCR Chicano Alumni Association here.

  • Volunteer Event Committees

    In addition to our outreach events, celebrations such as Semana de la Mujer and the Chicano/Latino Graduation Banquet also benefit from student support. If you are interested in volunteering for any event committee, please contact us.

Support Services

  • Undocumented Student Resources

    Consider us a resource for AB 540 support. See our AB 540 Resource Guide and the AB 540 Resources section of our scholarships page for more information.

  • Chicano Link Peer Mentor Program
  • Chicano/Latino Student Orientation

    Fall quarter orientation is designed to introduce Chicano/Latino students to UCR’s faculty and staff, continuing students, departments, support services, and student organizations. It also allows us to welcome new students and connect them to their familia away from home. For information about Chicano/Latino Student Orientation, contact us anytime.

  • Computer Lab and Meeting Room

    Students are welcome to use our computer lab for school projects and our meeting room for meetings. Stop by 145 Costo Hall in person or contact us for more information.

  • Counseling/Retention

    Our students’ mental and emotional wellbeing is important to us. We help students resolve personal concerns, refer them to support services, and provide advocacy. Their academic success is a high priority, too, and our programs and services are aimed at increasing retention and graduation rates. We offer academic support services, unique programming, faculty and alumni inclusion, and an overall commitment to helping students reach their goals. Contact us anytime.

  • Graduate School Preparation

    Our Raza Graduate Student Network provides students with information on graduate programs, entrance exams, test dates, funded fellowships, graduate and professional school fairs, and summer research internship opportunities. It also helps to strengthen faculty and advisor mentorships, and provides a network of support for UCR graduate students.

    Connected programs include the Student of Color in Higher Education Series, a series of workshops offered each quarter designed to inspire undergraduate students to pursue graduate studies and explain the application process, and the Graduate Student Brown Bag Series, in which current grad students share experiences and research with undergrads.

    For more information on our Raza Graduate Student Network, please Contact us anytime.

  • Lending Library

    The library is a place where students can conduct research, borrow a book or just get a little more information about who they are and where they come from. It also serves as a resource center for the entire student body at UCR as a representation of the Chicano/Latino experience.

    Former student David Casillas started our lending library in 1996. At first, we had only 150 books, mostly donations from professors. Now our library has more than 300 volumes and continues to grow.

    We recognize how important it is that our stories are told. As such, we specialize in books focused on the Chicano/Latino experience and books written by Chicanos/Latinos. Genres include fiction, history, politics, children’s literature and biography, plus anthologies, reference books, and journals. We also have a great selection of textbooks students may borrow through our Textbook Loan Program.

    Review a list of our books.

    We welcome donations. If you are interested in donating to our library, please contact us.


    Located in the Pentland Hills residence hall, MUNDO (Únete a MUNDO) is a student-founded community environment for La Raza in the residence halls. Students plan activities including informal gatherings and group discussions. We also celebrate Chicano/Latino culture in a family-like atmosphere. Visit our MUNDO page for more information.


  • Scholarships & Internships

    There are lots of ways to finance your academic journey and expand your skill set. We can help you find key scholarships and real-word experience opportunities that will help you reach your goals. See our Scholarships/Internships page for a selection of helpful resources or contact us for assistance.

  • Student Leadership Development

    Chicano Student Programs encourages student leadership development through our student organizations, leadership skills workshops, Chicano Link Peer Mentor Program, alumni networking, faculty and staff mentorship, graduate and professional school seminars, employment opportunity presentations, and community projects and outreach.

  • Textbook Loan Program

    For students facing financial hardship, we offer a helpful textbook loan program through our lending library. The cost of textbooks is often high and can add a financial burden for students. Our textbook loan program alleviates that stress by allowing students to check out and return textbooks, as they need them. Applying for the program is easy and we are glad to support our students’ academic success.

Annual Events 


    This exciting annual spring quarter 5K run and walk takes place at UCR and helps further César E. Chávez’ inspirational message of service while raising funds for scholarships that benefit students at UCR. For information about the César E. Chávez 5K Run/Walk, please watch this video or contact CSP.

  • Chicano/Latino Graduation Ceremony

    This annual banquet, commencement, and awards ceremony, known informally as “Raza Grad,” takes place in June and brings together la familia in order to honor the achievements of our graduating Chicano/Latino students. The event features an invocation and processional, a special awards ceremony, a catered dinner, and some amazing keynote speakers.

    For more information about our Chicano/Latino Graduation Ceremony:

  • Cinco de Mayo Celebration

    Cinco de Mayo honors the May 5, 1862 Mexican victory at Puebla. Over the years, Cinco de Mayo has become a symbol of our quest for freedom and self-determination. Every year Chicano Student Programs sponsors a Cinco de Mayo celebration, encouraging UCR students, staff, faculty, and community members to join us for a day of cultural entertainment honoring this symbolic day.

    For information about our Cinco de Mayo Celebration, please contact us. Find details on all upcoming events on our events calendar.

  • Día de los Muertos Celebration

    Día De Los Muertos, or Day of the Dead, is a celebration that captures the unity between life and death. It is a spiritual and cultural tradition recognized throughout Latin America and the Southwestern United States.

    Every November, Chicano Student Programs and Teatro Quinto Sol co-sponsor a Día de los Muertos celebration. Student organizations, community members, and UCR faculty and staff are encouraged to set up an altar in honor of our antepasados.

  • Noche Cultural

    This annual, one-night performing arts celebration typically takes place in January and features music, dance and spoken word from talented Chicano/Latino artists and groups. These engaging artistic mediums help promote cultural understanding and develop community unity. Audiences are not only entertained, but learn more about our traditions. Local cultural groups also benefit from a performance outlet they might not otherwise have. Key collaboration with other UCR organizations help make this event a success every year. For information about Noche Cultural, please contact us. Find details on all upcoming events on our events calendar.

  • Poesía Peligrosa

    This poetry, storytelling, and spoken word night takes place once a quarter and is hosted by the student organization Teatro Quinto Sol. It features performances from both professional artists and those who participate in the evening’s open-mic format. The event promotes cultural understanding and community unity while providing a unique platform for spoken word. 
    Find details on all upcoming events on our events calendar.

  • Radio Aztlan Music Festival

    KUCR's Radio Aztlan and Chicano Student Programs host this exciting music festival each April. The festival provides a platform for many talented regional and underground Chicano/Latino musical artists who deserve more exposure.

    Radio Aztlan also presents awards for lifetime achievement at the festival, as a way to recognize those who have made outstanding contributions to our community.

    Learn more about Radio Aztlan and get in touch.


  • Semana de la Mujer

    This week-long program takes place in March (Women’s History Month) and highlights the achievements of Chicana/Latinas. Each of its events pays tribute to the everyday soldaderas who stand up for their beliefs, cultivate cultural traditions, participate as decision makers, and continue to shape our future.

    Events include film screenings, guest speakers, workshops, conferences, social gatherings, and the publication of a literary magazine featuring the work of Chicana/Latina writers.

    For information about Semana de la Mujer, please  contact us. Find details on all upcoming events on our events calendar.

UCR Resources

  • Chicano/Latino Courses at UCR

    There are many Chicano/Latino-related courses offered at UCR. Learn more about the classes available.

  • Fast Start

    FastStart is an intensive five-week learning experience designed for incoming UCR freshmen planning to pursue medical and science-based careers. The program’s goal is to increase the number of disadvantaged students who pursue such careers and to provide the academic and social support needed to help students persist and succeed in their higher education goals.

  • First Year Success Series

    In conjunction with Student Life, the Academic Resource Center, and Career Services, Chicano Student Programs offers first-year student success workshops that introduce students to all UCR has to offer. Departments tours, staff members Q&A sessions, and continued guidance all help welcome students as new members of the UCR familia.

  • Health Careers Program (MHCP)

    The Health Professions Advising Center provides information, advising, and support for students who aspire to graduate/professional programs in the health professions and wish to enhance their academic and extracurricular preparation.


  • Highlander Early Start Academy (HESA)

    The Highlander Early Start Academy (HESA) is a freshman transition program held on the UCR campus that offers courses for academic credit, special study groups designed especially for HESA students and Early Start Seminar courses for a smooth transition to college life.



    The MARC U* STAR Program (Minority Access to Research Careers Undergraduate Student Training in Academic Research) is open to qualified undergraduate students majoring in the sciences with both an expressed interest in a career in biomedical research and an intention to pursue graduate education leading to a Ph.D., M.D./Ph.D. or other combined professional degree/Ph.D. The purpose of the program is to encourage under-represented minority students in the sciences to pursue graduate research and careers in the sciences.

    The MARC U* Star Program builds upon the University Honors Program and CAMP to provide a four-year program for underrepresented students in the biological sciences and related disciplines, including biochemistry, biology, cell biology and neuroscience, chemistry and statistics, as well as biomedical sciences.


  • Medical Scholars Program (MSP)

    The goal of the MSP is to increase the diversity of UCR students who are successful in achieving their academic and career goals. All students at UCR are eligible to apply. Admission requires an application and interview. There are no academic criteria for acceptance; applicants will be screened on the basis of their commitment to the goals of the program, community service, interest in helping the under served populations of the Inland Empire and California, and interest in a graduate or professional career in a health-related field.

    The MSP is a community of highly motivated and talented students interested in careers in the health sciences who support each other's goals of completing their undergraduate degrees and enrolling in medical school, an allied health discipline, graduate school, and other postgraduate programs in the health sciences. 

    To freshmen students, the MSP offers advising seminars with faculty, peer mentors, study groups, and workshops on academic and career planning. Students in the Medical Scholars Program remain in the program throughout their undergraduate training and may participate in internships, paid summer research experiences, seminars on health care, dinners with faculty and physicians, and intensive review programs for exams such as the Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT) and the Graduate Record Exam (GRE). Scholars will participate in a variety of academic enrichment activities throughout the academic year designed to enhance their educational experiences and help prepare them for a future career in medicine or an allied health discipline.

  • Mentoring Summer Research Internship Program (MSRIP)

    The MSRIP is an eight-week summer research program designed for rising juniors, seniors (and some masters students) from educationally and/or economically disadvantaged backgrounds. Participants work under the supervision of a faculty mentor on the mentor’s research project.

    The goal of MSRIP is to increase the number of outstanding students from diverse backgrounds who pursue a Ph.D. by strengthening their academic and professional development for admission to University of California campuses (and UC Riverside in particular) as well as colleges and universities nationwide.

    Many MSRIP alumni have successfully completed their doctorates here at UCR or at other Ph.D.-granting institutions. Though state law prohibits selection with preference based on race, color, national origin, or gender, minorities and women in underrepresented fields, who meet the eligibility criteria, are strongly encouraged to apply.

  • MESA Schools Program

    The MESA Schools Program helps students at middle and senior high schools (and some elementary schools) excel in math and science and become competitively eligible for the most rigorous colleges and universities.

    Our MESA School's Program partners with teachers, administrators, school district officials and industry representatives to provide this academic enrichment model. Students are selected to participate in the MESA Schools Program through a process that involves teachers at participating schools and locally based MESA personnel.

  • ORBITS (Obtain Resources, Become Informed, Target Success)

    ORBITS provides valuable campus and career resources to first generation, second-year students including resources on resume and cover letter writing, interviewing, graduate school preparation, job and internship search strategies, and guidance on choice of major. Participants engage in activities such as informational interviews, employer discussions, panels, and mock interviews. They also enhance their transferable skills focusing on communication, work-ethic, leadership and teamwork.

    ORBITS helps students focus on long-term goals so students graduate from UCR understanding the steps for pursuing graduate school and jobs. Students also develop a personal plan that includes short-term target goals leading up to graduation.


  • Puente Connection

    Building a bridge to a brighter future is the theory behind the Puente Connection, a bridge program that connects UCR with the community college students who are participating in statewide Puente Projects.

    The Puente Project, co-sponsored by the University of California Office of the President and the California Community College Chancellors Office, is an academic program that has helped students bridge the gap between community college and four-year universities. Its mission is to increase the number of educationally disadvantaged students who enroll in four-year universities, earn college degrees, and return to the community as mentors and leaders for future generations. UCR established the Puente Connection to provide further exciting opportunities for Puente students to help insure their success. ¡Sí se puede!

  • STEM Pathway Program

    UCR’s STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering Mathematics) Pathway Program was awarded a grant aimed at developing articulation agreements with Hispanic Serving Institutions (HSI) community colleges to increase the number of students transferring into the STEM fields at UCR and to support Hispanic and low-income students at UCR already pursuing degrees in the STEM fields.

    UCR will partner with the College of the Desert, Mt. San Antonio, Pasadena City College, and the three campuses in the Riverside Community College District, including Riverside City, Moreno Valley, and Norco to assist students in transferring to four-year universities and will provide needed services to the surrounding communities.

  • TRiO Scholars Program

    UC Riverside received funding from the US Department of Education for the TRiO Scholars Program to work with UCR students who are low income and/or first generation, to promote the academic, social, personal, and professional success of all our students by building a strong sense of community and drawing on resources both in and outside of the program.

    The TRiO Scholars Program also provides academic support and tutoring assistance, mentoring, and other unique opportunities. There are 150 scholars in the UC Riverside TRiO Scholars Program.

  • The California Alliance for Minority Participation (CAMP)

    The California Alliance for Minority Participation is designed for students in the science, technology, engineering, and mathematic fields. CAMP is a program that works to encourage NSF-declared underrepresented students in the aforementioned fields to successfully complete undergraduate science degrees and further pursue their studies at the graduate and professional level.