• Event: Peer Mentor Recruitment
     Date: Deadline May 8th
  • Event: Raza Graduation
     Date: June 6th
  • Event: Semana de la Raza
     Date: May 4- 8
     When: All week
  • Event: Radio Aztlan Music Festival
     Date: May 8th
    Doors open 7:00 PM

Bienvenidos a nuestra familia de UCR!

We celebrate the traditions of Chicano/Latino culture while sharing the spirit of La Raza with our campus and community. To our Chicano/Latino students, we are one big familia, and like a family, we fully support your academic, cultural and social success.


We create a positive environment for Chicano/Latino students at UCR by offering supportive services and programs that encourage academic success and retention. We provide service referral when necessary, and serve as a resource for advocacy, as well.


We educate our campus and community about Chicano/Latino culture through our exciting events, active student organizations, and rewarding outreach programs, too.


We collaborate with other UCR departments with shared goals; encourage faculty and staff mentorship; reach out to our local community; and maintain a helpful campus, community and alumni network that help our students grow.


Our outstanding faculty, staff and students inspire future members of our familia and demonstrate true orgullo y corazón.

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