UCR Chicano Alumni Association

Our alumni give back. After graduating, they make a point of returning to UCR to connect with and inspire continuing generations of Chicano/Latino Highlanders.

In fact, the primary purpose of UCR Chicano Alumni Association is to encourage and support current Chicano/Latino students at UCR. Their efforts include offering scholarships, cooperating in recruitment activities, promoting community awareness and participation, and sharing their career experiences with interested students as a way of supporting their growth.

The organization also provides the Chicano/Latino community with a vehicle for advocacy, allowing them to address and support important educational policies that increase achievement for all Raza.

Additional goals include advancing cultural awareness and understanding, and staying connected to one another through the organization’s communications, events and reunions.


Stay Connected 

If you are interested in becoming a member of the UCR Chicano Alumni Association, attending an upcoming reunion, or volunteering your time to inspire our current students, please email Estella Acuña or (951) 827-3822.

Give Back

In addition to giving their valued time, alumni also provide Chicano Student Programs with essential donations that help keep our vital programs and services going strong. You can make a donation to Chicano-related funds at UCR, including CSP. We sincerely appreciate your support.